"Push yourself beyond your limits and challenge the beauty and perfection of Mother's Nature. But above all Enjoy it!"

About me

I am Paola Avesani, born in Verona (14/03/1947). I grew up in the countryside in "Piovezzano di Pastrengo" a small village near Lake Garda, an inspiring place that led me to explore the language of art since I was very young. At six I attended my first course of drawing and painting . During my higher studies I have the opportunity to get acquainted various pictorial and artistic-manual techniques. At the age of 20 my main passion was oil painting on canvas, and flowers were as always my favorite subjects. At the age of forty, I abandon painting and happily get to sculpture with the use of poor materials such as bread dough and salt. The recipe has changed year by year becoming today the so called "Cold Porcelain", or "Polymer Clay". My tecnique has also refined in order to get closer and closer ro the beauty of Mother Nature.

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I'm living in Norther Italy, in Verona, and this is where I mainly organize my classes. Anything you should need please do not hesitate to contact me.

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+39 349 0535782

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Strada dei Monti, 4 37124 Verona
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